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Do you want a one-of-a-kind, stylish gift or memory? Would you like to decorate your surroundings according to your taste?
The DesignButik offers its professional quality JUST FOR YOU products that were created using business decoration techniques and materials.
In the DesignButik you can find pre-designed items and items made out of glass, ceramics, textile, paper and more that can be decorated to your liking.
Using the motifs of Pécs Souvenir, Subtle, Illúzió, Folk and Portrait you can create your own, unique-looking decorative item, assemble your own gift pack, or you can personalise your clothing, everyday items, car or laptop. We can create and realise unique designs on the available carriers at demand – mugs, aprons, mouse pads, tiles, boxes, paint canvases, textile, décor foils etc.
We offer decorative motifs for personal use, which you can use to easily create pretty, unique pieces following the instructions given. These can liven up your furniture, kitchen or bathroom, too.

Pécs Souvenir
Emblematic sights of the two-thousand-years-old city are shown in the collection, conjuring the century old and modern heritage of Pécs. The designs showing cityscape important buildings, sights, public motifs provide opportunity for personal and company actualisation, therefore they can become good gifts for your loved ones and customers alike. Pécs graphics matching your company’s logo and symbol systems can show your loyalty to the city as a nice example of localism.

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